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  4. Fitness achievements for me aren’t quick immediate measures of success but the lifestyle I have definitely chosen to live.


  5. Here is a 30 day challenge that I have built and will be supplementing to my weight training. I will start tomorrow, I would love to see some others try this out and maybe good results will follow :)


  6. 1. Eggs contain good quality protein, and the fat is healthy fat. You also have the option of egg whites which contains nearly 0g of fat. They are also a fairly cheap source of quality nutrition which is why they make the list!

    2. Oats may not be the best source of protein but they do contain great carbs for energy which will help preserve lean muscle, also if you are trying to lose the fat, oats are a low glycemic food which can decreases constant urges of hunger.

    3. Yogurt more importantly Greek Yogurt! Most brands of greek yogurt offer anywhere from 15g-20g of protein and it is tasty and easy to eat. Yogurt also contains probiotics, which is a bacteria that helps aid in digestion, good digestion means better nutrient supply!

    4. Almonds are one of the best type of nuts for protein & fiber! They also contain alpha tocopherol which is beneficial in fighting free radicals. High in B-vitamins that will aid in metabolism. Also an extremely easy snack! Just make sure you have water, they can be dry. Also note that raw almonds will yield the highest health benefits.

    5. Tuna is great for many reasons. Tuna has a very high protein to fat ratio! They also contain Omega-3 fatty acids which is great for metabolism and fat burning. Tuna may not be the tastiest of foods but I’ll give you a tip, If you can handle spicy add Sriracha to it. Sriracha is a healthy sauce that doesn’t contain sodium and can help digestion and it adds so much flavor.

    6. Turkey makes the list because it is high in protein and low in fat if you stick to turkey breast. Its is fairly priced and easy to find as well. It has a lot of vitamin & mineral content. Turkey also contains selenium which is said to help prevent the onset of cancer and also has an anti-aging effect. So the sandwich favorite makes the list!

    7. Beans the magical fruit! Okay maybe not a fruit but definitely magical in ways of nutrition! Beans are packed with protein, fiber and minerals! They are great for digestion and if you are a vegetarian they may be your primary source of protein. Non-vegetarians don’t shy away because beans are a great cheap way to get protein and after eating all that meat you will need the fiber!

    8. Horses eat apples, how often do you see a slow horse? Not often! Okay maybe it doesn’t work that way. But apples make this list for their ability to kick-start your day so you have that energy to exercise. They supply great energy being high in vitamin content and having healthy sugars. Also apples contain pectin which will limit how much fat your cells can contain!

    9. So remember Popeye? Yeah, he was on to something. You might want to eat more spinach if you are trying to build lean mass. Spinach has a lot of vitamin E. Which helps prevents oxidative damage from free radicals, which can be created by exercise!

    Extra. There is also the option of Protein powders, I am an advocate of such products. I take Whey & Casein Protein powder but by no means is that my only protein source, it should be noted that the more diverse your protein intake they healthier.

    So there is my list for 9 lean muscle foods! Please keep in mind that there are many more foods that aren’t on my list, and everybody is different and may respond better to other foods. I hope this list helped and maybe educated you about this topic. Please ask if you have questions about nutrition or fitness!




  8. The Start

      Hey friends, I just want to start off by sharing some info about me and my new blog. I’m Chris and ever since I can remember I have always loved fitness. Always running around and racing other kids, participating in little league sports, and shadowing my step father when he did his workouts in the living room. That was the beginning and naivety of my biggest passion in life. Now that I’m a bit older and into the early years of adulthood my knowledge and understanding of fitness has broadened. I now understand how rich in information the topic of health and fitness is. This has led me to my next step in the realm of fitness. My love for fitness has progressed to not only wanting to participate but also wanting to share, with others, the Knowledge of Fitness, Nutrition & Mental Health that I acquire along my journey.

    I want this blog to document my own lifestyle choice to be the fittest, healthiest and happiest person I can be and I hope to help many others along the way.